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Our topics

Android & iPhone apps

How to get data to work on ? Collecting data from different types of sensors in mobile devices is our way.

Web Services & Websites

How to communicate with our users and devices ? Yes, we use websites and web services for this mostly on Apache and PHP. We also use modern ways for example Firebase tools set. Yes! We are open to new solutions.

Server, user and device

Server management, devices management and taking care of users is also very important part of our work.

Data analysis & research

In our database are waiting GBs of data to be analysed. Day after day we are doing reasearch based on these analysis.

Recent Works

Checkins app


share your status
or photo by easy checkins

MHD locator

MHD Locator

where is nearest bus stop ? in which bus am I ? Public transportation context location

Web context messenger


website based group chat conversation based on context locations

COhave application

COhave App

news and applications organized nicely in one place.

FunFi application

FunFi App

FunFi collect them all
Be Mayor of WiFi networks! Steal or Find ?

Snake game


we are collecting your interactions during your play

FEI Navigator

FEI Navigator

indoor navigation using Bluetooth LE beacons for our faculty



retrieving distance from different POI. Ability to choose category of POIs.



posts sticked to context locations identified by WiFi networks.

RealTime Chat

RealTime Chat

never again wait until someone finish writing message to you. See it directly when he is writing.

WiFi Direct Transfer

WiFi Direct Transfer

transfer file over WiFi Direct technology, also when no internet connection available.

Elam app

VŠ klub Elam

information about all new events in student club Elam



Sensing mobile device sensors output to draw trajectory of movement.

NFC transfer

NFC transfer

Sensing mobile device sensors output to draw trajectory of movement.

COhave web

COhave Website

See all your connected devices and also all of important informations.

FunFi web

FunFi Website

FunFi collect them all
Check your position in leader board and statistics.

Visual data

Data visualization

Create visualizations for any data in your MySQL databases.

WiFi Day

WiFi Day

Algorithm to search for repeating behavior of people, and visualization of results and statistics.

Join our Team

Management Team

Martin Drozda

Team leader

Maroš Čavojský

Project leader

Stanislav Marček

Data analysis & Researcher

Developer Team

Martin Drozda


Maroš Čavojský


Patrik Zošš
Emília Brišová
Kristína Urban
Tomáš Michalica
Michal Michňa
And others...

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Please if you have some inquiries or any questions or opinions concerning our project send us email and we will try to answer you as soon as possible.

Mobile Computing Group

Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
Slovak University of Technology
Ilkovicova 3,
81219 Bratislava,

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